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Our commitment to your privacy and the security of your data
Anathema Designs respects your privacy and would not under any circumstances share any information collected on this site with any third parties. Please read the following explanation for the information collected and how it is used, how it is safeguarded and how to contact us if you have any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy.

What information is collected?
We will collect your: personal name, shipping/billing address and your email address. This information will only be used to help us process your order and for no other purpose.

How is the information used?
Your name and shipping address are only used in order to ship your order to you.

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How is the information safeguarded?
Personal names, shipping/billing addresses and email addresses are never used for other purposes or shared with anyone else.

All our transactions are handled by PayPal. Using PayPal means that we cannot see your credit/debit card information, thus, credit/debit card numbers are never made known to us.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy.